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                              PUBLISHED WORKS

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     46. Fraudulent Postings on the Web, 2010 Edition. Oxford Publishers.
     47. How to Start your Business for Free: For Lawyers and Others, (to be published 2013).    


                         OTHER PUBLICATIONS

1. National Law Library
Contributing Editor, Semi-Annually (1991-1999).

The Business and Company Law Journal
Law Library ~ Nomiki Bibliothiki 
Contributing Editor, Monthly (
1997 - 1999).
European Journal for International Taxation
Law Library ~ Nomiki Bibliothiki
Co-Editor (1998-2001). 

4. The Proini
National Greek American Newspaper (1999 - 2001).
The Greek American
(Law-5 continent syndicated news column 1999 - 2001).

The New Fraud Times (2011- Present).
Karamanlis Powers Blog (2012-Present)

8. Fraud in Divorce

9. Fraud and Legal Malpractice
10. SDMcDuff Certified Fraud Examiners


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